Youth Mission

This year, 2020, our youth were able to serve the surrounding community through the Meals for Heartand program in Des Moines, Iowa. This program packages 1000’s of meals to go to feed children, not ony in Iowa, but in many different countries around the world. Many of the ingredients were Iowa grown. 

For several years now the junior and senior high youth with adult sponsors have participated in the REACH Youth Mission program.

They volunteered their time and talents to aid persons in depressed communities  around Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky. The ‘neighbors’ they help are overwhelmed by the display of Jesus’s love—not only when they receive a new roof, handicap ramp or fresh paint, but also when they recognize that God has not forgotten them. Now their homes are warmer, drier, and safer.

The youth that serve our neighbors participate with 200-300 other youth from around the country. Not only do they serve our neighbors, bu in the process learn of Christ’s grace, and develop a stronger personal relationship with Christ and other Christians. 

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