To Serve All with Love…

… is part of Northminster’s church mission. The SERVE Ministry Team plans ways to serve others, identifies special mission programs to be supported, enlists financial and personal support for mission projects, cares for members and friends of the church family, and provides opportunities for all to receive evangelism training.

As a congregation, we extend love to one another by:

  • visiting the homebound and hospitalized
  • sending cards of encouragement, sympathy or congratulations
  • providing meals during illnesses or recovery
  • providing goodie boxes for college students during finals weeks
  • assisting with special occasions and funerals
  • praying for peace and inner strength

Northminster serves the Ames and International community through:

We serve distant neighbors through:

  • Youth and Family Mission Trips  
    • Junior and Senior high youth have volunteered time and talents
      to aid persons in depressed communities in Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia and Indiana. The ‘neighbors’ they help are overwhelmed by the display of Jesus’s love—not only when they receive a new roof, handicap ramp or fresh paint, but also when they recognize that God has not forgotten them.
    • Adults and families have periodic opportunities to participate in efforts to provide relief and rebuilding after tornado damage to towns such as Parkersburg and Marshalltown.
  • Support of a Haitian Orphanage through United Christians International) with:
    • Christmas gifts for children
    • the purchase of a tractor and annual trips to participate in pouring concrete floors, painting, helping in nutrition centers and medical facilities, or teaching in grade schools or vacation Bible school
  • Presbyterian Church USA Missions that focus on:
    • advocacy, racial and social justice
    • education and self-development
    • emergency disaster assistance
    • relief from hunger and poverty