NPC Scholarship

Guidelines and Requirements

Deadline May 1, 2023 for Scholarship Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The Northminster Presbyterian Church (NPC) Scholarship was established  for the purpose of assisting and encouraging worthy and deserving persons in furthering their education.  Our church goal is to provide financial assistance to students within the context of the Christian faith. We do this with a vision for academic freedom, and with the historic concern for education.

The scholarship may be awarded to high school graduating seniors who are enrolled in a public high school and/or to a student who is enrolled in an institution of higher learning.  An institution of higher learning may include a four-year college or graduate school, a two-year community college, or a trade school.  The school may be located anywhere in the United States.   Academic classification can range from freshmen through graduate school.

Since this is a scholarship establised, presented, and administered by Northminster Presbyterian Church (NPC), applicants who are members or have an association with this congregation shall receive preferential consideration.

The recipient must meet all academic requirements designated by their vocational or occupational area and meet the minimum requirements of the institution in which they are enrolling or are presently attending.

Mindful of the church’s constant call to mission, the financial need of the applicant shall be a consideration in making selections.  Scholarship amounts vary contingent on available funds and as determined by the NPC Scholarship Committee. If there is more than one worthy candidate, additional scholarships may be awarded. Former scholarship recipients can apply, however, new applicants will be given preference.

Whereas this scholarship is awarded by Northminster Presbyterian Church of Ames, when possible, special recognition of the recipients will be presented during a worship service at NPC.

Requirements for Application:

1. Completed electronic application form received on or before May 1.

2. Transcript –a copy (electronic preferred) of applicants most recent transcript from high school or higher learning institution (college/university/trade)

3. Two letters of Reference — Provide two personal letters of reference from school, community, or employer. The applicant must have had contact with the reference person within the last twelve months. A third letter may be submitted by his/her church pastor, but is not required. References must be received on or before May 1. It is the responsiblity of the applicant to follow up and ensure that reference letters are received by this deadline.

Reference letters should be submitted on-line through the Reference link and must be sent by the person writing the recommendation. The URL for reaching the reference page to give to your reference is