‘Program Supervisor’

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Nursery Care and High School Hangout Program Supervisor

Northminster Presbyterian Church

1416 20th Street   Ames, Iowa   50010   515-233-2540   www.amesnpc.org

Background: Nursery care for infants and children up to 2nd grade is provided during worship and church events. This is a service to parents/guardians who wish to have their small children in a supervised play setting while they (parents/guardians) participate in church activities. Our High School Hangout Program is an informal, supervised after-school time for high school students.to socialize, participate in activities, and enjoy snacks.

 Position Description:

The Nursery Care Supervisor is the primary care giver for children brought to the church nursery. The supervisor secures a safe and nurturing play environment for attending children and supervises volunteer assistants when needed. Times are Sundays 9:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. and special events as scheduled year-round.

The High School Hangout Supervisor oversees the after-school activity and snack area at the church. Times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. during the school year.

 Nursery Care Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Serving as the primary caregiver for children in the nursery on Sunday mornings.
  2. Supervising the nursery for special services or events (i.e. Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve, etc.)
  3. Supervising the safe transfer of children in and out of the nursery by families.
  4. Notifying the head usher for immediate assistance in an emergency.
  5. Notifying head usher if additional adult volunteers are needed.
  6. Reporting any minor first aid care to parent/guardian and pastor.
  7. Maintaining a record of nursery attendance.
  8. Maintaining the nursery play area and toys to ensure a safe environment.

High School Hangout Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Setting up activity area and snacks.
  2. Working with other adult volunteers.
  3. Being available to students if assistance or interaction is needed.
  4. Cleaning up area and storing equipment and materials.


  1. Experience caring for infants, young children and high school students of various backgrounds and needs.
  2. Successful completion of a background check with no child endangerment or abuse complaints
  3. Flexibility to work additional hours if needed (e.g. funeral or special service needs)

Compensation: Compensation is $15.00 per hour.

Duration: No established term. The nursery position is year-round and the hangout is during the school year.

Oversight, Reporting and Evaluation:

The pastor is Head of Staff. All church positions report though the pastor to the Session. Interview and selection are done by the Personnel Committee with approval by Session. Annual reviews and compensation recommendations are done by the Personnel Committee.

Notify the pastor or Personnel Committee chair in the event of an absence.

  1. Report any concerns and program needs to the pastor.
  2. Report hours to the church administrative assistant.
  3. Report shortages of supplies and cleaning or repair needs to the church administrative assistant.

TO APPLY: Send resume and cover letter to amesnpc@gmail.com or Select the ‘Apply Here’ to apply on-line.