C.E. Director – Leigh Carson

Leigh Carson

I grew up in a small town, the daughter of a Pastor and a Pastor’s kid. My extended family also has several pastors and missionaries among the ranks. I was, and still am, surrounded by faith. I graduated high school in 2012 and went on to attend Northwestern College (Raiders Roll!) and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Literature in the winter of 2016. Throughout my high school and college years I worked at Lakeshore Center at Okoboji, to which I owe an enormous part of my growing up and introduction to ministry. 

Through a series of events I can only describe as ‘God-driven’, I ended up in an interview and received a phone call the next day, as well as some spiritual assurance, that Northminster was exactly where I was supposed to be. I wholeheartedly agree.

I am in the middle of my second year as Northminster’s Christian Education Director and it’s been a whirlwind! I try to model the Christian Education ministry after these three philosophies:

  1. No one is ever done learning, be it academically, emotionally, or spiritually. Therefore, it is the job of the individual tasked with the educational upkeep of a classroom or congregation to make sure that their programs are inclusive, impactful, and ultimately, reflective of God and His love.
  2. So much of education and facilitation is in the details. Many of my volunteers have heard me say that, ‘If you focus too much on the little things, you’re not doing it for the right reason.’ Balance is important. The world complicates things, but God’s truth is simple: “It is not your job to change hearts. Leave that to me. The job I have given you is to foster an environment where those hearts, who are ready for change, can flourish.”
  3. Caring for the future is important. Doing legwork to bring people through the doors is part of the occupation, but investing in and fostering the growth of our younger generations to become advocates for the church should be a priority, not just locally, but on a global scale as well.

I am so grateful for the hospitality that has been shown to me by Northminster in the past year and I can’t wait to share what we’ve got planned for the upcoming seasons. Be sure to check out our programming under the GROW tab, follow us on social media, and watch for the upcoming announcements! 

Blessings, Leigh Carson C.E. Director ( leighellen.carson@gmail.com )