Becoming a Member

Please see Pastor Jim if you are interested in making Northminster your church home.

Letter of Transfer: If a person is currently active in a church, they may request a transfer or ask the church office to request a letter of transfer be sent from the former congregation.

Reaffirmation of Faith: If a person was once active in the church and wishes to return to active participation, they may be received in this manner.

Profession of Faith: This process is used when a person has never belonged to a church or been baptized. The sacrement is administered at this time.

Those who may be in Ames only for a short time and wish to have a special relationshiph with the church without transferring thier membership from their homechurch, may request to become an Affiliate Member.

Individuals seeking membership meet with the pastor and session prior to their membership. New member classes are scheduled as needed.

We welcome and encourage anyone considering our Christian community to contact us for any questions you may have.