Please see Pastor Jim if you are interested in making Northminster your church home.

How to Become a Member

One becomes a member of a Presbyterian Church in one of three ways:

1. By Letter of Transfer.    If a person is currently active in a church, the person requesting transfer or the church office can write to the former congregation and ask that a letter of transfer be sent.

2. By Reaffirmation of Faith.  If a person was once active in a church, but is no longer so, he or she is received in this manner.

3. By Profession of Faith.  This is the method used when a person has never belonged to a church.  If a person has not been baptized, the sacrament is administered at this time.

Those who may be in Ames only for a short time and want to have a special relationship with the church without transferring membership, may request to become an Affiliate Member.

As necessary, Northminster Presbyterian Church holds classes reviewing what it means to be Presbyterian for new members, those considering membership, or individuals who would just like to learn more.

Individuals seeking membership will meet and have a brief conversation with the session prior to joining.  If you have questions, please call the church office 515-233-2540.